About Ronald

I'm the middle school pastor at Wayside Chapel in San Antonio, TX and have been doing student ministry for over a decade. My wife and I have been married for 12 years and we have three wonderful daughters! I love small group ministry, playing ridiculous games, Dr Pepper and Taco Bell. I also love watching students grow in their walk with Jesus!
14 Mar 2020

This Week’s Podcast Network

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A collection of shows to help you win in youth ministry. The network is led by the longest-running podcast in youth ministry history, The DYM Podcast!

Here’s a quick rundown of the shows posted this week as well as some …

12 Mar 2020

Church Vs ________

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It seems like I’m receiving more and more messages these days from students and parents letting me know that they won’t be at church. The reasons they give me are sports or band or theater or after-school jobs. I don’t …

11 Mar 2020

Spring Slump is the Best Time of Year!

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Who here loves a good Spring Slump?

Listen, by now you are probably experiencing the dreaded spring slump.  Low numbers due to spring sports, nice weather, school work, and general family fatigue.  I have experienced this myself and, while I sympathize, I challenge you to re-think this