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I'm the middle school pastor at Wayside Chapel in San Antonio, TX and have been doing student ministry for over a decade. My wife and I have been married for 12 years and we have three wonderful daughters! I love small group ministry, playing ridiculous games, Dr Pepper and Taco Bell. I also love watching students grow in their walk with Jesus!
5 Jun 2020

Stop Comparing

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I saw a shirt once that said: “I run….  I’m slower than a turtle in molasses in the winter, but I run”.  I have never seen something that more accurately describes me as a runner.  But I do love to …

2 Jun 2020

Youth Ministry of Micro-Influencers

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A recent study, “The Influencer Report: Engaging Gen Z and Millennials”, was published by Morning Consult. The market research and data intelligence company surveyed over 2,000 13-38 year-olds and reported some fascinating observations from their findings.

Let’s focus in on: …

18 May 2020

It’s Time to Make a Plan

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Most of the country is still closed down. Some of it however, is opening back up again! If your leadership is anything like mine, they are stressed out. There’s a whole bunch of new guidelines they are trying to follow …

1 May 2020


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You might feel a little bit like Ansley Higginbotham right now.

Whether you’re a parent or a youth worker in the lives of students, this tension is real:

One thing I’ve noticed:
Even a pandemic cannot seem to stop the