I love the fall, even here in South Texas, where we get some fall weather. After our first false fall, when it goes back up to 90 degrees for a few weeks, that is.

Once the weather becomes cooler, being outside is a lot more fun!

So why should you take your students outside once everyone has a pumpkin-spiced latte?

Nature is God’s

I personally love being outside and being in nature! I feel closer to God when I am observing what He has made. I know we can often be proud of our youth spaces and the room we have made for students to come together and experience God collectively. But there is something wonderful about being outside and experiencing God’s creation together.

I also find that the changing season makes me think about changes in my life. That’s something we can help students capture as well.

No Screens Means Connection

I love technology. I’m typing this on my computer as I look at multiple screens. I don’t know where I would end up without the Internet and a phone to connect with many friends throughout the day.

But there is something super special about being in a place without screens, and you get to look and see what God is doing outside of a screen.

Encourage your students to put their phones down and pick their eyes up! They may have a great chance to connect in person outside!

Creativity When You Shake Things Up

When you take away your normal tools, you have to get creative! Without my computer and my big screen and sound system, I have to think about what programming elements get involved in whatever event we’re going to do. I have to think outside the box. There’s something about that that makes planning outdoor events really fun for me. I get to be really creative! It’s also great to invite students into that creativity with me.

Need some inspiration for an outdoor activity? Check out these five great games for your students next time you get outside!

And plan some time outdoors with your students!