POLL: Do Hollywood Bible Story Films Help Students?

Posted by Josh Griffin

Was talking to my friend Adam today about recent Hollywood films and their effect on the faith of his students. He wasn't sure if films like Noah, Exodus: Gods & Kings, etc were helping or hindering the students. I definitely think they are an interesting and  helpful part of spiritual conversations - but thought I would toss it to you for this week's youth ministry poll question! Vote now!




Leadership Lessons From The Nativity Scene

Posted by Justin Knowles

The following is an article I wrote that originally appeared on our friends over Youth Ministry 360's site:


When I look at the nativity scene, I see the amazing story of the incredible lengths God will go to in order to redeem humankind. But I also see some pretty great leadership principles we can applly in our ministries.

Here are a few places I see lessons we can learn as leaders of ministries. I wonder what lessons you would add?

The Angel and Mary

There is no way Mary could fully comprehend what the birth of Jesus meant. Certainly, she had an idea. But she couldn't fully see where it would go. All she had was what God told her through an angel. And she had faith to keep moving.

We can find ourself in a similar situation when God gives us a glimpse of what's possible in our ministries. Don’t apologize for the vision God has given you for your ministry. People might not understand or be on board at first. But the best thing we can do as pastors who lead ministries is to stick to the vision God has given us (if we understand it or not), and keep our faith that His promises are true. God will always come through, often in ways we never even imagined.

The question is, “Are you listening to God for what He has to say about the ministry you are leading and have faith to keep it?“


I can't even imagine what this could have been like. A pregnant fiancé and the kid is not yours? It’s God’s? What?! We know that Joseph was planning on divorcing Mary quietly before the angel came to him. Joseph showed major character for handling the situation.We can learn from his example.

In ministry, we will have plenty of hard situations come our way. We need to remember that a good leader remembers that inside character is far more valuable than outside reputation. We need to keep on building our character and not worry about what the other church is doing down the street. 

No Room In The Inn

Mary and Joseph were told "no." And yet, they adapted and overcame. The rest is history.

Sometimes when leading, people are going to tell you there is no room for an idea of a plan. Take it with a grain of salt. One of my favorite things is when people tell me, “We can’t do that.” Now, maybe we can’t. But if we feel our idea is going to reach the most students for the Gospel, I’m for sure going to try it. I’d rather fail trying to reach kids in ways that have not been done before than not try at all. We need to be creative. We might not have everything we want, but we have everything we need to reach students.

God used a dirty stable to bring glory to Himself. God can use our resources to reach students for Him. 

The Wise Men

They were seeking after God, following the light. In ministry it can be really easy to fall into doing what you want to do and not seeking God in the process. If He is not in it, no matter what happens, it’s not considered successful. We have to constantly be asking, “Is this what we feel God is leading us to do or is this what I feel the cool thing is to do?” I have to ask myself this all of the time. As a pastor, we need to be seeking after God in everything our ministry does. I’m sure I am preaching to the choir here.  But even so, we all need to be reminded of this. We only can minister out of the outflow of the Holy Spirit in us. So let’s make sure we are like the wise men and keep headed towards Him.

These are my takeaways. What leadership princples do you see at work in the Christmas narrative?


Youth Ministry 101: Relational Ministry - Part 2

Posted by Josh Griffin

How To Build Stronger Biblical Fellowship... part 2

Avoid Causing Guilt
If a student hasn’t been around for a few weeks or months, NEVER, EVER, EVER say, “Where have you been?” This puts a person on the spot and creates guilt. Instead say, “It’s great you are here.” Work hard to show unconditional acceptance. We don’t need to make people feel guilty, we all accomplish this fine on our own without any “help” from others.

Share personal stories
Don’t make yourself the star of the conversation, but you also don’t want it to be one sided. Be transparent and share about your life. You aren’t interrogating your students, you are having a two-way conversation.

Follow up
When a student tells you about something that’s coming up next week, ask them about it a week later. Imagine the impact you’ll have when you cared enough to remember an important detail about their life.

Spend time one on one
Great ministry happens outside of youth ministry programs. Show up to a game or take them to lunch. Life is busy and while it may not be possible to spend time with a student every week, but if you can make it a goal to meet with a student once a month, your relationships will go deeper. Remember to only spend one on one time wisely—stick with your gender! A guy leader should NEVER spend time along with a female student...and vise versa.

Pray consistently and specifically
God cares more about our ministry than we do—we’re just stewards of the students entrusted to us. Make the time to talk to Jesus about the your students. He will tell you how to minister to them.

Remember that building friendships take time
There’s no such thing as a microwave for relationships. They take time—a lot of it. I wish there was a formula for instant intimacy, but there isn’t. Make a commitment to last for the long haul. Significant relationships don’t happen overnight.

Know that your conversations make a difference
It may not seem like it at first, but when you engage students on a personal level you are making an investment that does have benefits—even if you don’t see them. Over the years, I’ve had countless parents say, “Thank for taking the time to talk with Chris!” Meanwhile, I’ll replay the conversation with Chris in my head and I would have sworn he was in a coma. Students will appreciate the fact that you are authentically engaging them.

What’s missing from this list? What are some ways you have deepened your relationships with others? There’s a lot here ... pick one or two and put them into practice for a month. Once you feel like you hit a plateau, return to this list and work on a few others. Healthy leaders are learners. As soon as you stop learning, you stop leading.

Matt McGill is one of the cofoudners of Download Youth Ministry and is now the family pastor of a church in Pismo Beach, CA.



Youth Ministry 101: Relational Ministry

Posted by Josh Griffin

How To Build Stronger Biblical Fellowship...

Learn Names
A name is a person’s most valuable possession and nothing communicates care like remembering a student’s name. It’s easy to say, “I’m not good at names.” Resist the temptation to rest on this excuse! It takes hard work to remember names. When you learn a new name, try to use it immediately in the conversation. Make a mental association and create a visual image and attach it to their name. These may be funny (so don’t share them!). After the conversation, write the name down so you can look it up later. Review your list before you show up to a youth ministry program. 

Show Genuine Interest
Everyone wants to know known because we were created with a need to be understood by others. Care about the details about their life. Your interest must be real, if it’s fake, everyone can tell that it’s just an act. A great way to show interest is to ask questions.

Show up with a question or two
Making small talk is tough for most of us. Holidays can make questions easier, but still work to get creative. “What did you do over Christmas?” isn’t a bad question, but it’ll get over-used. Try something different like, “Does your family have any Christmas traditions?” or “Did anyone throw up because they drank too much eggnog?” Personally, I’m a little silly, so sometimes I’ll ask, “did you punch anyone in the face this week? ...No? That’s good... did you feel like punching anyone in the face?” Sometimes a silly approach can move into a more serious conversation.

Have Fun
Everyone likes to have fun, but sometimes we think the best ministry happens when we are always serious. You don’t have to be the ultimate extrovert, but you should strive to create a warm, comfortable and inviting atmosphere. 

Affirm like crazy
Be looking for ways to encourage and praise students. Avoid the over-use of superficial encouragements (that’s a nice shirt), but start there if you must. The more you know about a student’s life, the easier this becomes. A student might be bummed on a bad grade, you could affirm them by saying, “At least you care about your grades, that’s a good thing!” Catch students doing something right and tell them how good it is.

Look for the unconnected
Cliques are ugly! You know this because you’ve been on the outside. No one want’s to be an outsider, so constantly looking for students on the edges. It’s difficult to be inclusive, we naturally fall into comfortable patterns of talking to the same students. Consistency is great, but not when it blinds us to new comers who feel like an outsider.

Be Involved
Lead by example. Students are watching, and will take their cues from what you are doing. Sing worship songs, actively listen to the message, and jump in and be involved with the games, and speak up during the discussion. It’s not only possible for you to worship during a youth ministry program, it’s also great leadership.

Spread out
Healthy youth ministries have adult leaders who spend time with students—not other leaders. I get it! It’s fun (and easier) to spend time with other leaders during a youth ministry program. Do this at another time! When all the leaders are bunched up together, it sends the wrong message to students.

We'll be back with part 2 tomorrow!

Matt McGill is one of the cofoudners of Download Youth Ministry and is now the family pastor of a church in Pismo Beach, CA.


Download Youth Ministry WebShow #259

Posted by Josh Griffin

We had so much fun with the Skut Guys at the National Youth Workers Convention in Atlanta, GA and laughed our way through a 30-minute show together. Join in on the fun! Episode 259, ready to go! Thanks for our sponsors: Leadertreks, YM360, Azusa Pacific University & Youth Specialties




POLL: Love Gift / Christmas Bonus for Youth Workers

Posted by Josh Griffin

We're getting to the end of the year and it is a time of giving, receiving and Christmas fun. I was talking to a youth worker this year who was lamenting that he doesn't get a year end bonus or love gift - and I told him I don't either! I've served in 2 churches the first one did and this one doesn't. Made me think it might be a good question to toss out to you - do you get some sort of love gift at the end of the year? Share more in the comments if you would like, too!




Youth Worker: Stick With It

Posted by Justin Knowles

Do you ever have weeks where you think, “What on earth am I doing?” Yes? Oh good, I’m glad I’m not the only one. There are some days where I feel there are so many fires to put out and the best way to handle my time is to figure out which fire to put out first before it got too big that it burned everything down.

Then I read this:

Hebrews 10:23

Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who promised is faithful.

Right now, with any sort of transition of leadership, we have had a lot of leaders transition out of volunteering for our student ministry. There has been leaders who were moving for school, leaders who have had family things, or leaders we have asked to step down, but from what I understand this is the smallest our volunteer team has ever been. This scares me. We need a lot of manpower to do the type of relational ministry we would like to do. I was getting down on myself as a leader.

But when I read this verse the other day, something spoke to me. I know I was called to this ministry. I know God is faithful and if I am doing what I truly feel God is calling me to do with the direction of the ministry, He is faithful to come through. In that instant, I realized the leaders that stuck around are incredible. They are relational giants and they did a majority of the work anyways. They are the glue to what we do. It was just a change in the thought process. Then later that day, I got 4 emails of 4 brand new people (solid people) who want to get involved in the student ministry. Praise God! He really does provide you with everything you need to do what you do.

If anything, this post is one of encouragement. “Hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who promised is faithful.” Hold fast onto the Lord because He has called you to where you are, to those students, to that church. He is faithful and fruit will come from it. Keep going.

Honored to be in the trenches of youth ministry with you!





Saddleback HSM Weekend in Review: Volume 267

Posted by Josh Griffin


Weekend Teaching Series: Christmastime (1-off)

Sermon in a Sentence: This weekend it was fun to be back teaching after taking some time off in November. This weekend I spoke about Christmas time with a message called Christmas Is a Time For (which you can check out in the DYM store) ... and had fun talking about what I love about Christmas, and how important Christmas is for families, forgiveness andour faith. I love helping students navigate through some of the challengins aspects of adolescence - family and holidays is certainly one of them. And LOVE teaching the Christmas story as well - we ended with a special candlelight service as welll that set the mode and the traditional reading of teh Christmas story off just right. Great weekend!

Service Length: 62 minutes

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: We had a really fun weekend - we played Chrsitmas Pictionary, had a hialrious Chrsitmas rap and lots of laughs and fun with Christmas songs. We had lots of student greeters and great energy - we only get 2 Christmas weekends a year, this one and next week's Christmas play, so it is always fun togo all in with Christmas!

Music Playlist: Angels We Have Heard on High, Noel (Hillsong Y&F version), Silent Night, O Come Let Us Adore Him

Favorite Moment: I loved the new version of Noel we sang this weekend. Love it!

Up next: HSM's 2nd Annual Christmas Program (1-off)


YM360's Free Youth Ministry Christmas Vault

Posted by Josh Griffin


Each year at Christmas, our friends at youthministry360 turn their website into a youth worker's one-stop-shop for Christmas content. Get free Bible study lessons, devotions for you and your students, game ideas and much more! To download these free resources today, head on over to YM360's Christmas Vault.


This is What We Did Last Night

Posted by Josh Griffin

I liked this simple video from Frank Gil about "What We Did Last Night" at youth group - and I also loved that he used 3 DYM games. Good stuff!




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