Summer Camp holds some of the funniest, most encouraging, and biggest life-change moments we encounter in youth ministry. The kid who drank the entire pitcher of leftovers in the cafeteria, the leader who broke an ankle taking rec a little too seriously, and the girl who was so angry at her mom for signing her up accepting Christ during night three chapel. God uses camp in a really unique way to draw His kids close to Him.

The impact camp makes is undeniable. We’ve all seen it–and many of us have experienced it ourselves. But the orchestration of an amazing week often requires months of planning.

To help you take this year’s camp to the next level, here are some resources to add to your program as well as lessons and insights from our decades of camp experience:

The Details

Cool Countdowns

Next Level Fun

Blog posts to help you with all things camp…

We combed through our blog to find the posts that we thought would be most helpful.

Podcasts to help you with all things volunteers…

We combed through the podcasts in our network to find the episodes that would be most helpful.

From The DYM Podcast:

  • Episode 52 (start at 30:12 for tips on how to keep camp costs down)
  • Episode 87 (start at 19:18 for tips on student freedom at camp)
  • Episode 125 (start at 27:56 for tips on running your own camp)
  • Episode 138 (start at 7:09 for tips on activities for camp)
  • Episode 157 (start at 28:29 for tips on the cost of covering your own camp)

From Youth Ministry Hacks:

From 15 Minutes with Frank:

Videos to Help Train Your Leaders…

In this video from DYM’s Leader Training Library, learn from Doug Fields and help your leaders maximize every minute God has gifted them with the students He chooses for your next trip.