Parents adored our communication at summer camp in the past and I’m not sure I ever really recorded some of the strategy about it up to this point! Parents need some communication while their kids are away – but how much? And what kind? If you want parents singing your praises when they pick their kids up, put some thought into it! Here are a few of mine, adapted from a text conversation with a friend running it this week!

  • Text before you leave. Remind parents about the packing list, departure times, etc.
  • I’d say 3, maybe 4 texts a day is plenty
  • Be sure the text when the buses roll out, text when you arrive safely
  • Give a few text updates with meaning – things like “we’re headed into night session on x topic, please pray for your teenagers
  • Consider some fun stuff too – like “reply with a funny message and we’ll read them at camp during dinner”
  • Posted highlight videos/links to videos or media immediately each night
  • Whatever you link to, just make it idiot proof. So no “just go to our instagram” actually give out the weblink so those without an account can still view just with one click.
  • A day’s summary works well. Quick bits … like, “Amazing day, baptisms, sessions, stuffed with great food. Literally could not have gone better. Day 4 is tomorrow!”
  • Even something intriguing may be good like “be sure to ask your kids about what happened at the Talent Show when they get home … that was nuts”
  • All in all, be informative, have some fun and be consistent. If they didn’t want updates, they wouldn’t have signed up. Videos are HUGE, pictures are HUGE. Text is important.
  • Keep everyone in the loop on the way home – this one is crucial! You have to get the arrival time right with an advanced warning or you’ll pay for it on the other end waiting with students or students getting picked up by very frustrated people.

Excited for our church to have great communication with us as our 6th, 7th and 8th graders all go to camp!