17 Jul 2020

Winning as a Leader

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We all want to lead well in the face of extreme struggle and crisis. If you are honest, you don’t want to just lead through this, you want to win and beat the obstacles in front of you. The hard

8 Jun 2020

Party of One

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You prepped a lesson. You planned games. You posted on social media. You showed up. But they didn’t… or maybe just one did… Sure it’s been a crazy few months, but things are finally coming back to some sense of

2 Jun 2020

Youth Ministry of Micro-Influencers

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A recent study, “The Influencer Report: Engaging Gen Z and Millennials”, was published by Morning Consult. The market research and data intelligence company surveyed over 2,000 13-38 year-olds and reported some fascinating observations from their findings.

Let’s focus in on: …