21 Nov 2022

Be Thankful Youth Workers!

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We are thankful for you youth workers! We know that its a tough season. Holidays and all that!

But have you thought about sending out a quick note to a parent or volunteer who really came in at the last …

7 Nov 2022

How can students serve?

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We have a wonderful group of people who attend our youth groups every single week! They have a ton of energy, a ton of energy, and a ton of potential! They get super passionate about projects and things that are

20 Oct 2022

Low Bar – High Calling

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Seeds were created to grow…and here’s the thing about growth…Growth takes time. There is a process to growth. It would be silly to expect a seed to become a tree overnight. That’s not how seeds work. That’s not how growth …

17 Oct 2022

Hosting Creative Retreats

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Do you take your students away for a weekend retreat every year? Are you thinking about doing the same retreat that you’ve done the last few years without making any changes? Maybe you want to make it a little more …

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