Who doesn’t like to look back every once in a while? It is crazy to look back and see all of the great content, thoughts, challenges and posts that have come through the DYM blog all year-long. To help you remember, catch up, refresh your memory or see for the first time, here are the some of the top blog posts from this year in no particular order and you can get some great insight all year-long from one post!

Do You Ever Wonder If You’re Making a Difference? by Josh Griffin

After 12 years at Saddleback Church… it’s time for a new chapter by Josh Griffin

5 Things to Make Small Groups Successful by Justin Knowles

The Key to Asking Vulnerable Questions by the DYM Team

GUEST POST: Is the Lock-In Dead? by Jason Headlee

Important Thoughts on Large Group Programming by Justin Knowles

New Barna Research on Teens and the Bible by Josh Griffin

7 Ways to Make People Feel Welcome in Your Ministry 

A HUGE Blind Spot Every Leader Should Look For by Justin Knowles

The Biggest Struggle Youth Ministers Face by Chris Wesley

What I Was Making Sure to Say in My Resignation Letter by Josh Griffin

Things Youth Pastors Should Stop Wasting Their Time on: Creating PowerPoint by Jen Bradbury

10 Characteristics of a Healthy Ministry by Jen Bradbury

Hope you enjoy these top posts as much as we did!