Post-apocalypse life has meant that this year, the Spring Slump is hitting a little differently.

I don’t know about you, but every year we go through some type of slump in the spring. Maybe it’s because the school year is dragging on. Maybe it’s because we’re getting ready for big summer activities. Whatever the reason, our student ministry encounters a bit of a slump in the spring.

This year, it’s been a bit of a different feeling. While we do have students and families coming back to our in-person gatherings, which is exciting, there still is a bit of a slump feeling in the air. Leaders have it. Students have it. Heck, I’ve got it.

So what are we doing to combat the Spring Slump?

Fill Your Cup

Read the Bible. Sing worship songs. Take a day off to just experience God’s presence. Get somebody else to teach one week. Whatever it takes, make sure you’re not ministering from an empty cup. Work on your own spiritual health so you can lead through the slump!

Encourage Your Leaders

I’ve found that if I’m tired, more than likely my leaders are too! There are lots of ways to encourage your leaders. Take a picture of them with their students and put it in a frame. Write them a note to say specifically how they make your ministry better. Take them out to lunch and ask them how they are doing. Getting your leaders re-energized will help them make it through the low times!

Minister to Who Is Present

It can feel tough when the room isn’t as full as you’re used to. Just take it from Doug in this video! Smaller groups give you the opportunity to really pour into the students who show up! Don’t just wish that more had been a part of your evening. Play the game! Ask deep questions. Spend time really getting to know the students who are present with you in the slump!

What would you add to this list? How do you get through the summer slump? Let us know!




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