“Be right back I’m gonna hang out with some friends!”

“Hey, let me just relax and watch the game for a little bit.”

“I’m gonna run out to the coffee shop and sit and people watch for a while.”

It’s crazy to think about how what we normally do for stress release involves getting out of our house and going somewhere! I know that I’ve longed for the solace of a coffee shop (or a Taco Bell for that matter) in this crazy season.

I was talking with a minister buddy of mine the other day who said he normally comes home after youth group and watches the game to unwind. Now there’s no game! Not only that, but we’re seeing some people say that they feel MORE stressed after virtual youth group than they were after meeting in person.

Below are some ways I try to unwind and let go of my stress in this crazy season:

  • Going for a drive. I turn up the music and sing as loud as I can.
  • Talking with trusted friends. I’m feeling a little Zoomed out, so I use the phone feature on my little handheld computer. It feels nice to mix it up sometimes.
  • Setting up a new group text. This was something I had before the crisis and was really glad for it! We send memes, vent frustrations, laugh, complain and celebrate together!
  • Go for a walk/run outside. It’s the new treadmill!
  • Set up a workout station in your garage/porch. I love the gym. Now the gym is my garage. I need to move my body to get the stress out every day!

I reached out to the DYM Community to see what they were doing. Here are some of their suggestions:

  • Big-time nerd project though is watching ALL the appendices from the extended LOTR!
  • I’ve resorted to working out. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
  •  I busted out the PS3 to play NCAA FOOTBALL’13 after a long break from the best game ever.
  • VIDEO. GAMES. They’ve always been there for me. Buy a Nintendo Switch.
  • I can still woodwork
  • YOGA and ice cream
  • Bottle up my emotions then yell at inopportune times. You know the American way.

Whatever way you’re getting rid of your stress at this time, remember to take care of your own personal journey with Jesus. Get a Bible reading plan together or listen to the Bible while you go on a walk. Whatever you do, make sure you’re not ministering from an empty cup!

God’s got this!