We know student ministry is a big deal. It’s an important aspect of the church. It provides a platform for students to grow spiritually, develop positive relationships, and establish a sense of belonging. But we can supercharge this in a big way! To enhance the effectiveness of youth ministry, have students serve within the group. Serving enables students to take ownership of their faith, discover their talents, develop humility, and disciple others.

Serving creates ownership. When students are involved in serving within the youth group, they feel a sense of responsibility and belonging. They are more likely to take ownership of their faith and develop a deeper commitment to the ministry. This sense of ownership not only helps the youth ministry to flourish, but it also nurtures a greater sense of community and togetherness.

Serving lets students explore the gifting God has given them. Every individual has unique gifts and talents, and serving provides an opportunity for students to identify and utilize their gifts in a meaningful way. By serving, they are able to experience different areas of ministry and discover where their passions and strengths lie. This process of discovery can be a powerful motivator for students to pursue their interests and continue serving in the future.

Serving helps teach humility. When students serve within the youth group, they are exposed to a variety of tasks and responsibilities. These may include cleaning up after events, setting up equipment, or assisting with activities. Regardless of the task, serving helps students learn the value of humility and the importance of putting others first. It is through these acts of service that students are able to develop a servant’s heart and a willingness to serve in whatever capacity is needed.

Serving allows students to disciple others. One of the key aspects of youth ministry is discipleship, where young people are mentored and encouraged to grow in their faith. By serving within the youth group, students have the opportunity to disciple others in a practical way. They can lead small groups, mentor younger students, and share their personal testimonies. These experiences not only strengthen the faith of those they are discipling, but they also deepen their own faith and understanding of God’s love.

Serving lets students worship. Do you have a musical portion of your service? Let students lead in getting it off the ground. There’s something really special about watching students lead their peers in worship. Also, it allows them to connect to God in a special way that they may not otherwise. God has given your students musical talents and abilities. Show them a way to put those skills to use as a form of worship! Not just in song, but with a song is a pretty cool way to serve as well.

Having students serve within the youth group can have a significant impact on both the youth ministry and the students themselves. Serving creates ownership, allows for the exploration of gifting, teaches humility, and allows for discipleship. By providing opportunities for students to serve, youth ministries can encourage the development of responsible, committed, and passionate youth who are eager to make a difference in their communities.


Student Leadership Team Application

We use this is the application to begin a conversation with students interested in joining our Student Leadership Team. The application (and other forms) are fully editable to suit your ministry’s needs and includes sections on qualifications, expectations, and references.

Sermon on the Mount Prayer Stations

This is an interactive prayer station experience on what Jesus has to say about being a leader for the Kingdom of God. It takes the students through Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount from the perspective of leadership through 12 different stations. This resource includes complete instructions for each station in WORD and PDF, a list of all the supplies you will need, other needed resources for the stations.