This is part 4 of a 5 part series

In the past three posts I have discussed my regrets with bathing suit policies, empowering women leaders, and parent ministry. Today’s I look at my own ego and share how I preached way too much over the years.

I regret preaching so much

Plain and simple, but I was more focused on creating small group leaders that I didn’t develop any Bible teachers. I spent so much time coaching my volunteers on how to lead great small group discussions that I didn’t spend any time searching, discovering, developing, and unleashing Bible teachers. 

I had other youth pastors guest preach in my ministry and that was a cool pat on my back for being a nice guy with other churches. However, there were powerful voices in my own ministry that were untapped. With a little coaching, an hour or two a week walking them through an outline, and being a big cheerleader and believing in them, I had a ton of communicators in my own ministry. 

It wasn’t until the last two years of my ministry that I started developing and coaching my volunteer leaders to speak to students. I wish I started sooner. I could have gone on more vacations. More importantly, I could show up to youth group and just hang with students while sitting under the teachings of godly men and women speaking truth to students as well. 

Some questions to consider:

In a given year how many weeks are you preaching to your students? After you consider that ask yourself, do you feel that your students hear from enough voices in your ministry or are they hearing from you too much?

Do you have a relationship with other youth pastors in the area where you can share the stage or flip youth groups? Would you be comfortable with having guest youth pastors come in who are from different traditions than your current church?

Who are the leaders in your church, with a bit of guidance, could speak to your students? With the time you take creating your messages, could you spend one week working with someone else, to help them write a message to your students?

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