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In the last blog post I wrote about how I regret making bathing suit policies. Today’s post has to do with how I raised up leaders in my ministry.

I regret not empowering women more

This also came to me as a conviction after hearing Neely speak. I realized up until that point that the adult leaders I allowed in my inner circle were other men. The Billy Graham rule was the 11th commandment. (Coincidentally, we both have the same alma mater.)  However, I began to feel convicted because in many complementarian-leaning churches, the highest form of leadership a female could have was maybe a Children’s Director. What does that say to the females in our ministry? 

So, I wrote down some names of women in my ministry that I felt could handle more than their current role as a female small group leader and began creating roles in my ministry that offered them public roles of leadership. I then determined that I would give opportunities for women to speak to students and I would coach them on how to craft messages and exegete scripture. I created roles where women were leading and our students could see it. My regret is that I wish I did it sooner. There were so many qualified women in my past churches that I served at that I didn’t give more opportunities to and I hate that. 

I am a dude who grew up in churches that only placed women in leadership when it came to children’s ministry so I missed the ball when given the power to change that. I am grateful for Neely because I was able to raise up some amazing female leaders who helped make the student ministry awesome. 

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Some questions to consider:
Regardless if your church is complementarian or egalitarian, how are you shepherding your leaders of the opposite sex? Do you give more opportunities for discipleship to those leaders who are the same gender as you?

What are the pathways of leadership in your ministry? How can a volunteer leader move up to greater roles of leadership if they desire to? 

For my male youth workers: Write down the names of two or three female leaders in your ministry who you can walk along and grow as a leader. What roles or opportunities can you give these women that offer them public and meaningful ways to serve your students?

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