Weekend Teaching Series: RESET: Jesus, Fresh Starts & Screaming Goats (series finale, week 4 of 4)

Sermon Synopsis: This week we wrapped up the RESET series from the start of the New Year with Doug Fields teaching (4th week in a row, yeah!) and

Service Length: 62 minutes

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: This week we played a fun active game called Extreme 4 Corners Impossible Edition (you can find it here on DYM) but we tweaked it to have 4 colors instead of multiple choice letters and had lights in the corners of the room they kids picked their answer by going to the color they thought had the correct answer. Questions are intentionally impossible, here’s an example of how the modified slides looked:

If I’m honest with you … it didn’t go great. We switched up the game for the other services, hey it happens! Ha! But the star of the show was bringing in our friend David Wood to perform some card magic before/after services and to do a fun set on stage as well. He was awesome! Totally junior-high friendly show, through he worked super well with our high school students as well for Youth Culture Weekend which happened the past few days as well. If you’re interested in bringing in David, get details/watch videos here.

Music Playlist: Freedom

Takeaway: This week we continued to use “Pick Me” from DYM’s Sidekick App to help parents text in if they had a conversation with their kid about the program/outline service. It is working and we’re trying out best to connect JH students and their home for discipleship!

Volunteer Involvement: We’re working hard to get volunteers at each service. Having them lead at tables is SO huge and we will be working hard on this so if you come visit our youth group next time you’re in California, you’ll see 12 adults at each service!

Favorite Moment: I LOVE David Wood. Is that weird? He’s SO unassuming, so humble and so good. He may have sold his soul to the devil to get this good at magic, but I’m a fan and he crushed with our students.

Up next: NEW series! How NOT to Get Grounded(series premiere, week 1 of 4)