Weekend Teaching Series: RESET: Jesus, Fresh Starts & Screaming Goats (week 3 of 4)

Sermon Synopsis: This week Doug Fields was back for a 3rd week in a row (what a way to start the New Year) teaching about the miracles of Jesus to our students. Doug used Sidekick Pick Me to have some fun with some students who used the “check in” system from the church when they arrived and kids loved seeing their name on the screen and win King Size candy, too! The emphasis of the message was on the Living Water and the Samaritan woman at the well. no pain, past or problem keeps Jesus from loving you.

Service Length: 66 minutes

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: We got to play the brand-spankin’ new Screaming or Fainting Goats Volume 2 game from DYM this week and as always that game is a huge hit. We also played into the goats theme with a clip from Justin Bieber’s Baby Baby Baby Goat music video which is a classic and made for a quick laugh, too. Attendance was a little down since 1/2 of the student ministry was at Winter Camp (also this weekend) but when you add them together it was a HUGE weekend for JH! Yeah … smart to have services for kids who couldn’t make it to camp while also going all in on the retreat, too.

Music Playlist: Alive, Only Wanna Sing

Takeaway: This week we had a couple of parent meetings that (for the first time in my ministry career) we’re actually well attended. Gave me hope! Had a blast playing games with parents, sharing the vision of the youth ministry and a short training by Doug. Get more details on that here!

Volunteer Involvement: This week our volunteers were WAY up again, but only because the team worked super hard to shake the trees to round up friends and family to serve this weekend. Most of our core leaders were away at Winter retreat, so we brought in an all-star substitute team for one week, and now it’s my job to recruit them to come regularly.


Favorite Moment: I LOVE that we had full JH services while 1/2 of the ministry was away at Winter Camp. And I LOVE Doug being back in youth ministry! Ran point on this whole thing, practically alone. Ha! It’s so fun … I was away, too, speaking at a Winter Camp in Ohio, so missed this one but sure do love this church and team. What a weekend!

Up next: RESET (series finale, week 4 of 4)