In this power packed vlog from Mississippi youth pastor and DYM Author James Howard, we hear three ways to Level Up Your Games in Your Service. Check it out below!

Here’s a quick overview of what he covers, but watch for a deeper dive into each of these points:

  1. Find a Game that isn’t Lame. 
  • Look for games that interesting, exciting, and/or engaging for the age level you are working with
  • Find High Quality Games
  • Pay attention to the ease of gameplay
  1. Execute the Game Well
  • Have it prepped well before the program
  • Do a test run
  • Get a competent, energetic, and engaging host
  1. Kill it Before it Dies. Signs of Game Death:
  • Low room engagement
  • Crowd confusion
  • Host is giving up

Got any tips you would add? Put them in the comments below!

James has been a youth pastor for over 13 years! He’s currently serving students at a multi-ethnic church in southern Mississippi. He loves creating games and videos to help students have fun, because fun is such a great way to break down any walls they might have up – hopefully allowing them to be open to the Gospel!

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