Youth ministry friends, I am weary.

Actually, that’s not true. I’m next level stupid-exhausted.
I have a feeling I’m not alone.
2020 has brought a giant storm of challenges and troubles like I’ve never seen. The weight of racial tensions boiling over with the cloud of COVID affecting every aspect of life has me emotionally, physically, and spiritually thin.
A friend of mine compared all the challenges that COVID brings to an app on your phone that is always open. Sometimes you remember it’s there and sometimes you forget. But at all times, it’s there (the fears, frustrations, and challenges) pulling from your battery. Every morning you wake up you are starting with 20-30% less energy because of it.
All that to say:
Friends, whatever the 2020 issue (COVID, racism, the election, murder hornets, the terrible sound mix of TENET, etc.), it’s sucking the life out of me and putting me on edge in ways I don’t like.
I don’t think I’m alone.
If you resonate with this, can I throw out a few thoughts I’m trying to keep in mind as I am seeking to follow Jesus in this season?
  • Be honest in my weakness. Admit I’m in over my head. Be okay that I don’t have it all figured out. After all, when I am able to unapologetically admit my weakness, Jesus is made strong (2 Cor. 12:6-10).
  • Watch my tone. When I’m weary, my snark and sarcasm take over. A trusted mentor once said to me, “If I’m dead wrong in how I’m saying it, it really won’t matter if what I’m saying is dead right.”
  • Let my social platform be pastoral. Not political. Not a personal whiny session. Pastoral.
  • I won’t doubt in the dark what God made clear in the light. I made a huge move last fall in obedient trust of where Jesus was leading. This past year has not played out even close to as I expected. As I walk through this valley, I will not fear. I will trust that He walks with me (Ps. 23:4; Matt. 28:20)
I’m next level stupid-exhausted my friends, but I’m not giving up.
Maybe I’m alone, but I have a feeling I’m not alone.

Derry Prenkert is a student pastor, husband, father, DYM Author and Podcast host.
He’s also pretty tired.