13 Apr 2020

Close the Door

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You guys,

I have a 3-year-old and she is always leaving the back door to our deck open. Not such a great thing when you also have a 1-year-old ready to escape at any moment.

Enter COVID-19. Friends, I’m with …

6 Apr 2020

Take Care of Yourself

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“Be right back I’m gonna hang out with some friends!”

“Hey, let me just relax and watch the game for a little bit.”

“I’m gonna run out to the coffee shop and sit and people watch for a while.”

It’s …

1 Apr 2020

Oops. You Got In Trouble.

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Let’s face it. Sometimes youth pastors get a bad rap. We get blamed for messes we didn’t make, called out for fights we didn’t start, and accused of throwing a Jacuzzi party in the baptistery.

That last one wasn’t me.

30 Mar 2020

How’s Your Soul Doing?

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I think I will always remember where I was and what I was doing when the realization hit me that we may not be having youth service “as usual” for a while. I bet you know where you were. Like

25 Mar 2020

Being Married to a Youth Pastor

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Ministry and Marriage: Navigating Together

Navigating the world of student ministry with your spouse post-marriage can be challenging in several unexpected ways. Suddenly all of the “normal” adjustments attached with being a newlywed were seemingly put on hold as my …