22 Jul 2020

Promoting During a Pandemic

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I know some youth ministries promote their students at the beginning of the summer and that’s awesome for you all. Well done.

For the rest of us, we promote with the school year. Except for this year, when school is …

20 Jul 2020

Take a Break

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Like many of you, during this pandemic I found myself working more hours than ever before. I felt the need to stay connected on many fronts because I was afraid of losing the relationships I had with our students. Because …

14 Jul 2020

Weariness is a Bully

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I’ve been praying about what I’m about to share with you.

Can I ask for a few minutes of your time to read it all?

Simply put, I get it.

Weariness is a bully.

It hasn’t stopped knocking… and knocking… …

23 Jun 2020

I Buried My Brother Last Week

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I know everyone is having a tough time right now. What with race relations being on the forefront of everyone’s mind, the decision on whether or not to meet during a national pandemic, and managing budgets during an economic meltdown, …

5 Jun 2020

Stop Comparing

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I saw a shirt once that said: “I run….  I’m slower than a turtle in molasses in the winter, but I run”.  I have never seen something that more accurately describes me as a runner.  But I do love to …