October is Pastor Appreciation Month!

But, let’s be real. You probably don’t hear, “I’m so thankful for you!” very often. Or even at all.

Or maybe, during the month of October, you see how other churches recognize their student ministry pastors and then look around and see how your church has seemed to forget that you’re a real pastor.

And, as much as you love students, they are not the best at saying thank you.


They may come back and tell you to thank you for all the work you did for them as a youth pastor when they’re forty. But not at fourteen.

Since you may not hear it from anyone else, we want to say: THANK YOU!

So thanks:

  • For spending your own money and not getting reimbursed
  • For waiting for late parents
  • For putting up with that one kid
  • For putting up with that one parent
  • For putting up for that one kid’s one parent

And for all the stuff that goes unnoticed and unappreciated, thank you! You’re making a difference in the lives of teenagers. God sees it! And that’s what matters!