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Wednesday In Review: 07

Wednesday Teaching Series: Friday, Saturday, Sunday. We are going through the Easter story and highlighting different days of the weekend. Each week we will talk about a different day and things we can learn from this amazing story.

Sermon in a Sentence: Jesus defied the odds. Jesus conquered the grave and that is worth celebrating!
Service Length: 69 minutes

Understandable Message: Jesus beat the odds. Because of the resurrection we know we are loved, it’s the backbone to my faith, and nothing is impossible for God, that message is worth celebrating and it changes everything.

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: We had a party to celebrate the awesome news of the resurrection. We changed up our service a bit. We had the message up at the top of the service and then had extended worship time with party hats, party noise makers and 45 beach balls flying around. It was so fun. We also made a donut wall to continue the festivities. It was so great and students LOVED it.

Music Playlist: Never Going To Stop Singing, In The River, The Way, In This Moment (our church song), Wake

Favorite Moment: We had 3 baptisms last night. That is always one of my favorite things.

Up next: You Own The Night (Bonita High School)

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