A collection of shows to help you win in youth ministry. The network is led by the longest-running podcast in youth ministry history, The DYM Podcast!

Here’s a quick rundown of the shows posted this week as well as some thoughts on each.

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Coronavirus and Youth Group

What’s your church’s plan and reaction to the pandemic?

How can you use this crazy time to innovate in ministry?

Listen to the DYM Podcast


Frustration and Celebration

How do you confront rumors in the church?

When and how do you celebrate ministry wins?

Listen to the Morning After Ministry Show


3 Meetings to Hack Your Ministry for the Better

Do you regularly meet with God for YOU?

Are your leaders in the loop?

Listen to Youth Ministry Hacks


Greg Stier, Good News, and Your Kids!

Look for opportunities for you to naturally talk about your faith?

Are you sharing Jesus when your kids are around?

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Three episodes in one week!

Allison Williams on budgets, Josh Griffin on innovation, and Zac Workun Live at YS!

Listen to YM Lab