If you’re not a part of the DYM Facebook Community, you really should be.

Just using the search function in groups to find out what THOUSANDS of youth pastors around the country have done or are attempting to do to reach students is almost like a seminary degree.


You could search “zoom games”, “senior pastor problems”, or “nerf guns” and probably get some ideas on what you’re going through right now.

Or you could just ask what rules exist in your church because of something that happened with student ministry! If you’ve been a part of youth ministry long enough, you’ve been there yourself. A rule or guideline shows up and you think “Yeah. We did that.”

This thread has been blowing up for the last day and it’s a RIOT to read through. Here are some of my personal favorites:

  • The baptismal is to be used for water only (no more jello).
  • No hallway slip and slides. Preceded by the very short-lived, “you must wear a helmet on the hallway slip and slide”.
  • Do not discharge a firearm during a sermon illustration.
  • A blanket ban on fires.
  • Call the Executive Pastor after you call 911 and before they see you on the news.
  • No live farm animals in the building.
  • No more wrestling matches in a baby pool filled with cereal and milk.
  • No more beach volleyball in the worship center.
  • No hide and seek in the organ pipes.
  • No more using the senior pastor’s house (after setting it ON FIRE).

And then this list all from ONE PERSON who is now my youth ministry hero:

  • No using ladders in heels.
  • No climbing on chairs, desks, tables etc. (I was in heels and couldn’t use the ladder)
  • No hauling church equipment in rentals cars. (Fun fact, a stack of tables can shatter a rear truck window if the wind hits them just right)
  • No candles in your office.
  • No testing bounce houses, slip n slides, or other attractions in office attire. (Fun fact#2, gray slacks become totally transparent on a slip n slide)
  • No prank wars. This was the result of putting a rubber band on the breakroom sprayer and the Sr pastor getting soaked when he turned the water on. The best part is I didn’t do it. His secretary did – but she was trying to get me back for hiding under her desk and grabbing her ankles when she sat down 😂
  • Oh. No hiding under desks.

Hey, while we may often get a bad reputation for not thinking all of our ideas all the way through to the very end, there’s no denying that youth ministry is the most innovative part of any church!

What rules exist at your church because of something you, a student, or that “former-student-pastor-who-totally-isn’t-me” did?