I had a really good conversation with my counselor the other day (let’s normalize mental health OK?).

She had asked me a question that I just did not get. I kept on trying to come up with answers but I wasn’t arriving at the conclusion she was looking for. After several minutes of frustration on my own doing she finally said, “Hey Ronald, if you don’t no the answer, maybe you could try asking me for help.”

I was floored.

I like having the answers. I like being the one to solve the problems and fix the thing and come up with creative solutions.

I do not like being the one who is caught flat-footed or doesn’t have a good explanation for something.

Really, I have a hard time asking for help. But in my years of Youth Ministry, I have seen the benefits of asking for help. I want to list them here as a reminder for myself and a challenge for you if you’re a little bit like me.

Asking for help empowers others

When you ask for help it allows other people to use their gifts. They give them a chance to serve a ministry. If you don’t ever ask, you won’t ever have people serving alongside you. 

Asking for help prevent burnout

Burn out is a very real thing. If you do everything yourself, you’re going to end up spent and in a world where everything revolves around you. If you ask for help even out the load of ministry and prevent burnout.

Asking for help gets a better result

I am not the best at everything. Also, you are not the best at everything. Sorry if that offense, but it’s true. There are people in your church who do things better than you. Ask them for their help to do the things they can do better than you can! It means you’ll have a better Wednesday night, Sunday morning, event, retreat, whatever. 

Asking for help fosters community

When people are helping, it makes them feel like they’re a part of something bigger than themselves. That enhances their involvement in the community they are in. Do you want your team to feel more like a team? Ask them for their help on a big project! Watch community happen. 

Asking for help attacks pride

This one might be more for me than you, but when I ask for help, I have to humble myself. I’m admitting I can’t do it all and I need other people. That makes me feel less prideful. Because of that, I should really ask for help more often.

Did I miss something on this list that you think should be included? Let me know! Because I’m trying more to ask for help.



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