Last week I was talking with two individuals who were having a rough time coming out of their dating relationship. The guy was really just not leaving the girl alone even though she made it clear they had cut it off and there was no chance of getting back together.

In the middle of having conversations with them individually, I got a text from another individual whose mom just found out she had aggressive cancer. 

Even though conversations like that happen with students frequently, both of those situations were with my small group leaders.

If you’ve got any volunteers who are helping you minister to your students, let me challenge you to treat them like your own personal small group.

Take time to pastor those who are pastoring your students!

You have leaders who are pouring into your students weekend and week out. Who is pouring into them?

Ever since I began to think of myself as a small group leader to my small group leaders, I’ve been more intentional about how I treat them.

Here are some quick thoughts.

Keep a prayer journal of their requests.

Follow up with them when I ask you to pray for something. Ask them how their sick parent is doing.  let them know you prayed for them when they were taking their final exam. Tell them you are hoping they can find reconciliation between them and a rough coworker situation.

Give them some encouragement!

Do you know your small group leader’s favorite snacks? Buy them for them every so often. Take a picture of them in their small group, Fremont, and hand it to them. Write them a handwritten note and stick a five-dollar Starbucks gift card in there.

Challenge them to grow in their faith.

Ask your small group leaders what they are doing to grow personally. If it’s studying the lesson and use it in their own lives, great! If it’s sharing Jesus intentionally with your coworkers or the local barista, follow up with them and ask them how it’s going. See what steps They are taking in order to grow personally.

When you start treating your small group leaders like your own small group, I believe your entire youth ministry will grow and thrive

What else would you add to this list?