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Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Ministry Entering Into The New Year

New year, new me right?

With the new year comes new things in order to try and get better in how we look, how we feel, how we operate and more. Same thing when it comes to ministry. I don’t know about you, but we take a 3-week break for Christmas and during that break there usually is a bunch of questions that run through my head when it comes to the ministries I run and how I as leader lead. I always want to get better. I think when I get better as a leader the people and ministry around me only can get better.

So I thought I would write down a bunch of questions I have been wrestling with and journaling through as we kick off this new year. Maybe these are things you already think through and maybe some of these things you AND your leaders need to think through to spark some good conversations as we enter into 2021.

In no particular order (welcome to the randomness of my mind):

  • What is something this year that needs to go in your ministry?
  • What is something that needs to start in your ministry?
  • Do your leaders know what a win is for them in your ministry?
  • What do you need to do in order to have your students understand the vision of your ministry and ACTUALLY act on it?
  • When it comes to your students inviting friends, is your service worth being invited to?
  • What is one habit you NEED to add in order for you to be more effective?
  • What is one habit you NEED to give up to be more effective?
  • If you have family, what are you going to do to actually “be home” when you are home?
  • What exactly do you need to do to pour into more leaders?
  • Do you have practical steps for your students to grow in their faith? What are they? How can you measure it?
  • What do I need to do in order to have online ministry be more prominent in my ministry?
  • What can I give away to a leader or two to free me up to do only what I can do as the leader of the ministry?
  • Who do you need to ask out to lunch once a month because they are more seasoned than you so you can ask questions?
  • How do you know if your curriculum is being effective for your group of students?
  • How can you make sure you communicate better this year?
  • How can you be more organized and be better in time management this year?
  • Who needs to not be a part of your ministry in this season?
  • Who do we need to recruit to jump on our team this year?
  • How are my processes? Is it easy to join a group? Jump in to serve? How well do we follow up?
  • Do our leaders know how to walk someone through excepting Jesus on their own?

I am sure there is more but these are the big ones that have plagued my mind over the last few weeks as we head into 2021. I know that if I were to sit down and think through a lot of these, I can easily make some better decisions this year and be more effective. My guess if you were to go through with you and your leaders, you would too.





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Justin Knowles is the Director of Kids & Youth at Sandals Church in Riverside, CA. He oversees the kids and youth ministry teams across all 13 Sandals Church campuses. He hosts Youth Ministry Hacks Podcast with Matthew Ferrer, loves to write about his ministry journey on the DYM Blog and he teaches at all sorts of camps, retreats or training. He and his wife Kristin have 2 sons (Graham & Wade).

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