As leaders of a ministry we are constantly challenging those we serve and serve with to grow closer and closer in their relationship with Jesus and in their leadership ability. Unless you are intentional about it, it can be really hard to be challenged as a leader to be pushed to grow in your own leadership abilities. If that is you, these questions are what this post is for…

To challenge us in our leadership.

Who am I pouring into? – Do you want to really know if you are doing a good job at explaining and duplicating yourself? Get someone to pour into. This fall we are taking on two interns. Many people think interns will help make things easier and in many ways they do, but taking on an intern and pouring into them takes more work for you as the leader because you are training someone how to do what you do. It also will help you and push you to see if you know how to duplicate your leadership. It’s challenging but worth it.

Are you doing this thing just to do it? – Do you know what kills creativity? Repetition. You want to challenge your leadership, what in your ministry is just something you do just to do it? What in your ministry is not intentional and maybe, just maybe, could be keeping your ministry from moving forward? What do you need to let go of?

Who is doing ministry at the next level in your area? – If you think you are too good to not go learn from someone who is at that next level, you need to humble yourself. One of the best way to open to your eyes to what maybe God has called you to do in your ministry is get in the sight of what your ministry can do in the next level. Now is not just numbers. It could be a ministry who has gained volunteers like crazy, or have great production or creativity within their services, or their small groups are killing it etc. Get out and learn from some other local pastors, take them out to lunch, strike a friendship and learn from them.

What is one big thing to try next year that is going to require God to show up so you don’t look foolish? – This one is the toughest, but maybe the most rewarding. Ask yourself this question to step out in faith. Pray that God reveals something that is going to be uncomfortable and maybe push you into your next level of leadership. Something that if God does not come through, you will look like a fool. Obviously, planning whatever that is very important, don’t just go all in gung-ho without planning, but push yourself to engage in something out of your comfort zone and watch God work because you don’t grow your ministry, God does.