This last week we had our Youth Winter Conference. I will have to post about it later because I am still trying to process how awesome it was because it surpassed all expectations. It was the first time we ran something like this but in a nutshell:

3 nights in a row we put on a service and then an event. We had all our campuses together, bussed them every night in and basically put on an in-house winter camp or DNow. Students went home every night and we charged $59. More to come later. Go check out @sandalsyouth if you want to see more.

I wanted to share how we opened each night to the conference. I made videos where Siri was instructing students what to do. It acted as a host for the night that went straight into worship. It is truly amazing that students will do anything that a screen tells them to do.

The videos itself is simple and relatively easy to make. It is just time-consuming. I use Premiere Pro but you can probably make it on iMovie or something similar.

It really is a great way to open for a summer camp or winter retreat in a fun, different way. Side note: when the music fades out is when the worship band would start to play underneath the video. Created a smooth transition between the video and worship.

Side note: I have a few of them for sale on the DYM store. CLICK HERE to see. More to come.

Here is our night one video. The view of what it looked like at the conference is below it. Go check out the other nights HERE:

Because I know people will ask. Click here for the light foam sticks.