Spotify is has been a life-saver for our ministry. We use it every single weekend. For those who don’t know, Spotify is a program you can download that allows you to listen to virtually any song. It doesn’t let you own it, it just lets you stream it to your computer (or phone if you have Spotify Premium). The service is free if you don’t mind a few ads. If you’re like me and having ads is asking too much of you, you have the option to pay monthly for Spotify Premium which comes along with a ton of other perks. It is absolutely brilliant. It has everything—even gameshow music!

One of the main things we use Spotify for is our pre and post service music. We strongly believe that music helps set the tone and feel for our ministry, and because of that, we spent a lot of time putting together a fun/funky/cool/indie playlist. If you want to follow our playlist and see what we are playing, feel free to check it out!

Do you have a playlist for your youth group? Post the link below!