Our One Night Outreach Events

**This video was shot and edited by two of our very own students…. so cool.

Quite a few people have asked me about our One Night events.

In all honesty they are pretty simple.

Our church runs off of 7 main values, evangelism being one of them. Our senior pastor believes the best evangelism is one-on-one through personal and intentional relationships. He introduced our church to this idea of having a “one-life”, someone who does not know Jesus and as we interact, care for, do life with them we are to expose them to the Gospel.

So we introduced this big time in our student ministry. Everyone should have a “one-life”. One Nights are nights designed for our students to be intentional to invite their friend who does not “do church” to come to church and hear the Gospel. We put on some sort of event in which student could feel comfortable to invite a friend to and we just step back and watch God work. Do we tell our students to bring their friends always? Of course. But these nights (3 a year) give easy and tangible steps for students to step out and ask a friend.

We have done:

  • Dance parties
  • BBQ and inflatables
  • Silent Discos
  • And had Jared Hall put on a show

I just know students always show up and they invite friends and has started a pretty cool invite culture in our ministry.


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Justin Knowles has been a pastor for the last 10 years and is the Lead Student Ministries Pastor at Christ’s Church of the Valley in San Dimas, CA. He oversees 7th-12th grade and has an amazing team he does it all with. He hosts The Other Student Ministry Podcast, loves to write about his ministry journey and teach at all kinds of camps. Him and his wife Kristin has a baby boy named Graham and a cat named CATalie Portman.

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