Trivia, one of the “game builders” in the DYM Games app, just got a whole lot more awesome! Check out these cool new features:


Now, you can add a fun fact after the answer to each question! Educate your students while you pummel them with ridiculous questions! Simply add the fact to the question and when the question is answered, you can display the fact! Easy as that!
A little confused?! No problem…watch this video to better understand this new feature:


Open-ended questions

Multiple-choice is for chumps. Let’s make our games harder! Now, in Trivia, you can have open-ended questions! Make your audience really use their brain muscles! To do this is so simple (just don’t put in more than one answer!) DYM Games does all the work!
Check it out!


You might be asking: How do I get these amazing updates?

To get the latest version of DYM Games, all you have to do is open up your current version. It should ask you to update automatically. If it doesn’t, you can go to to download the latest version.

You also might be asking: Wait, what is DYM Games?

Now, if you’re asking yourself “What is DYM Games?”, you should really spend the next minute-and-a-half watching this video… and then a few more minutes trying it out for FREE. You’ll thank me later!