One of the most difficult choices I make as a youth pastor is the direction of our ministry. The sermons, the games, the events… it’s a huge job. Have you ever thought “It would be so fun to have someone help me in that process!” If you’ve ever felt like this, let me be that partner for you. Let me help you get into my mind and how I put together series in our ministry.
I put together a bundle of resources from the DYM Store to help you with your next 12 weeks of sermons, games, a monthly event, and leader training. Everything you need for the next season of ministry programs!
Now I am not saying that I know it all, but service (and series) programming is one of my favorite things to do. There’s just something about having a blank calendar in front of you and being able to fill it with intentionality and series arcs so you can take your students on a spiritual journey with the hope that they grow closer and closer to Jesus.
Everything we do in our ministry planning is intentional… as I’m sure it is for you, too. We want to make sure that wherever we are going 1) God is there and we want to follow His direction and 2) our students will actually enjoy going through it.
Every year our team get together and prays through where we will go in the coming year and what comes out of that time together is a fully planned out, week-by-week scheduled program.
In our ministry, we follow this pattern when it comes to sermon series:
  • Topical
  • Jesus
  • Book Study
We feel that through this rotation you are able to cover a lot of Scripture, encourage students in different areas of their faith and challenge them to follow Jesus more closely. We also try to match the games with something that is somewhat related to the topic of the night. (This does not work all of the time and if it doesn’t, a fun, funny game could get the same results.) We always say in our meetings, “Fun breaks down walls” and it could be the thing that opens up a student to the Holy Spirit.
If I were to choose the next 12 weeks of ministry programming, straight from the DYM store, this is what I would choose.* (Note: this isn’t my next 12 weeks because I’m recommending resources I have used and loved.)
  • This series is by far one of the best series we have done in the last few years. Not only is it a great and unique take on topics (by giving opposite advice), but each topic was on point for what our students needed to hear. This series hits wisdom on dealing with your cell phone, friendships, and relationships… our students were talking about it every week on social media. (I can usually tell when a message hits hard when students take to social media…)

GAME: Cell Phone Shoot Out – Truth or Dare:

  • For whatever reason, our students are WAY into Jimmy Fallon-type games. They love when just a few students are up-front playing an entertaining game and they can just sit back and watch others make a fool of themselves. That is why Cell Phone Shoot Out is always a hit! This one is great when it comes to a friendship series (or you can even pit a BF and GF against each other.)

LEADER TRAINING: The Power of Encouraging Words

  • One of my favorite times of any season is being able to get together with our leaders and do some training. This video teaching is one of the most important we can do. The truth is we don’t know what voices our students are hearing to and allowing to sink into their lives. What we as leaders can use (for free!) are our encouraging words. Helping your leaders know their words are powerful in students lives is priceless.



  • After a very topical and fun series, challenging students in their everyday lives, I’d suggest jumping into a series that takes a deeper look into Jesus’ teaching. I would even encourage students to invite their friends–this series is a great introduction to the life and ministry of Jesus.

GAME: What Would You Do For A Klondike Bar?

  • Bring up one, two or more participants who are willing to do whatever it takes to get a delicious treat. It could be anything from doing 10 push-ups to drinking clam juice to dancing with no music for 30 seconds. (You’ll need a few additional supplies, including Klondike bars, of course.) The game includes eight rounds (of video) which and the winner gets a free Klondike bar. It is amazing what students will do for free stuff. It was hilarious to watch.

EVENT: Extreme Bingo

  • Who doesn’t love bingo? Well, playing extreme bingo is even better! I can promise you one thing for sure: your students will never be more frustrated with you… and it’s a great thing. Using the BOXES tool in the DYM Games App, you can create “Boxes of Doom”: certain tasks, punishments, or “everyone is out” type consequences if they happen when a specific number that is called. Our students loved it, yelled at me, and completed the tasks. It always kept them on their toes and was by far one of the best games we have ever played.



•  In a world where students are Biblically illiterate, I think we ought to make it a priority to teach students the importance of scripture. This series is great because the outlines are just that: outlines. They are not manuscripts, but instead some main points to help you dive into Scripture yourself and then help your students understand it as well.

GAME: Impossibler 4 Corners:

• The game prompts students to move around the room to the corners marked A, B, C, or D. When the question is presented, students must move to a respective corner,  but here’s the catch: they’re trying to get the answer WRONG. Whatever corner answers correctly is out. If you want to add even more fun and twists, add a dodgeball element to it. As students are switching corners, have leaders play dodgeball. If a student gets hit by the ball, they are out!

• Reading The Bible With Students: What better way to train your leaders or small group leaders as we go through a book of the Bible than to help your leaders learn how to read their Bibles more effectively with students. This was by far one of the best and most practical trainings we have done. We have had more feedback on this training than any other.
Well, there you have it! Just a little look in to how I would put together 12 full weeks of programming and training within my own ministry. I hope it is helpful to you and your ministry. Thank you for letting me partner with you!
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Justin Knowles