Hello DYM Members!

Have we told you lately that we love you? We really do… really! Everything we do—the resources we create, the resources we curate, the events we attend, the events we plan *cough* DYM100Round2comingsoon *cough*—ALL for you!

As if you needed more proof that we’re constantly dreaming up ways to make your ministry life easier… just look at the AMAZING new game AND features in DYM Games we’ve designed from your suggestions. You asked and we listened! Not only that, but you have 9 more incredible resources and tools waiting on your Member page… check them out! (after you’ve logged-in of course)

Here are your Member Perks for February:


We released a BRAND NEW GAME in DYM Games today! We mentioned in the midmonth email that it was coming soon—and here it is: PIXELATE! You no longer need fancy tools like Photoshop or MS Paint to create your own “guess the image” game! With PIXELATE you can add your own images, choose from modes like blur, zoom, whiteout, and, of course, Pixelate, gradually decrease the intensity of each mode to slowly reveal the correct answer, and display the correct answer on the screen as you reveal the photo.

Pixelate in action:


BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! This new version of DYM Games also has a new display feature that will make you jump up and down chanting “DYM! DYM!” (If you do this, please send us a video…we’d like to see this!) Watch Steve and Doug walk you through the details of these amazing new features.

(If you and your students haven’t played DYM Games yet… today is the day! You’re gonna love it! Click here and try it for FREE!)

For those of you DYM BRONZE, SILVER, AND GOLD MEMBERS, there are 9 more resources and tools waiting for you! Login to your account and see for yourself:

ONE: Video Training. Helping Students Discover and Embrace Who God Created Them to Be. Students spend their days trying to fit in to their group, class, culture or school… and in doing so try to push down or stifle the uniqueness God has put in them. Imagine if we, as shepherds, we’re able to know and call out that uniqueness in each teenager. Heather Flies gives 4 easy-to-remember steps to help each of us identify and call out a student’s individual gifting so we might better help each student discover and embrace who God created them to be. If you haven’t been using these 10-minute training videos, they are an excellent resource for your adult leaders to continue to grow and learn.

TWO: Game. Name That Sound. A fun new video-based, screen game challenges students to listen closely to a strange sound and choose from three given 3 options what is making that sound. If they choose correctly—or should we say, guess correctly since the noisemakers are obscure—they win! It’s very clever—be sure to check it out.

THREE: Video. God Loves You. A high-quality, text-driven, scripture-based video that will help students understand the true meaning of the word ‘love’ and gain a deeper appreciation for the depth of God’s love for them. This video would work well as a stand-alone element in your program, or as a bumper before or during a message on relationships, God’s love, or identity.

FOUR: DYM Newsletter Builder. If you haven’t used the DYM Newsletter Builder yet, today is your day! You may be thinking, “I don’t even know where to begin!” Well, worry no more—our DYM Apps Wizard, Steve, made this video just for you! Watch this short, helpful tutorial video: 

And then Click here to login to your DYM Member account and experience the wonder for yourself!

FIVE: Mentor Me. A Conversation with Jon McCallon. Jon McCallon, a 13-year Student Ministries veteran currently serving on the pastoral staff at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY, is passionate about building disciples as Jesus did. Not just delegating tasks to students and volunteers, but empowering the hearts of student and adult leaders to do the work of Jesus. In this Mentor Me, Jon shares the journey that led to this shift in mindset and how it has affected his ministry with leaders and to students.

SIX: Mystery Download. Doer D-Now. (A $55 Value!) This 3-session D-Now study from 228 Publishers, is designed to encourage students to become doers of God’s Word. Don’t miss the special DYM Members Only offer from the publishers included in the download!

SEVEN: Student Leadership: Leaders Give Away Power. When students step into leadership, it can be tempting for them to hold tightly to their newly-found influence. Sometimes this can turn into students who try and do everything themselves because they believe that this is good leadership. But time and time again, Scripture gives us examples of people giving away leadership and raising up new leaders. Paul did this with many of this partners, Barnabas, Timothy, and Silas. Even Jesus spent much of his time with the 12 Disciples. Use this lesson to help your students evaluate their leadership and see areas where they need to move from being a leader who does it all to being a leader that empowers others.

EIGHT: FREE Group Texting. You have the information that people in your ministry need. (And, based on the number of emails and texts you receive before an event, we’re guessing they need to be reminded of this information over and over and over.) Remind your students, leaders, and parents of amazing upcoming events, service schedules, and/or deadlines using DYM Text! Visit www.dymtext.com. The details are on your Members Only page, so be sure you’re signed in to access this.

And, finally (NINE), for DYM SILVER AND GOLD MEMBERS, your $20 Store Credit!

Resources for Super Bowl weekend, Valentine’s Day games and sermons have just been released… and some killer Lent and Easter resources are headed your way! Check out the New Releases and grab what you need to make your programs smoother and your life easier! For more info on how Store Credit works, click here.

It’s not too late to get all this great stuff for yourself if you aren’t a member yet. Visit DYMMembership.com to learn more and sign up.