In my time as a student ministry intern at Church at the Mall, I’ ve been blessed by my overseers with quite a few awesome resources and opportunities for spiritual learning in ministry.. But I have to say,, the absolute greatest resource I received was free access to the Download Youth Ministry University 101 – 401 content.. From the most basic lessons like remembering students’ names to practical advice on some of the most difficult parts of ministry – these courses definitely lived up to my expectations!!

The timing was perfect too!! I actually received access to DYMU’s 101 – 401 only a week or so after I was tasked with leading a small group of our new 6th grade students. Crazy enough, the biggest hurdle I was struggling with was precisely the topic of one of the first few lessons – remembering names.. It didn’ t take long for me to run through the rest of the course after that,, gathering as much wisdom as I could on some pretty real stuff youth workers face in ministry. Some of the lessons that impacted me the most where the ones on pastoral care, social media use, and the role of supporting – leaders in the preaching of God’s Word to teenagers..

It was very encouraging to see the excitement and genuine passion for ministry these speakers had in this course. As someone who hopes to one day become a youth pastor, it ’ s such a blessing to be able to receive real-world insight from people who’ ve been doing what I want to do for literally longer than I’ve been alive!! It’s not very common for a speaker to be both engaging and insightful. These guys at DYMU are of those few who are incredible at it!

God is so good!! He used this ministry of DYMU to help strengthen my ministry and in turn grow some of our students in their personal walks with the Lord. I can’t wait to see how the Lord uses these students to make a huge impact on the world, just like Josh and Doug are impacting me here at Download Youth Ministry. Please do yourself a favor and get this for your team!

Trent Blake is in the 2017 class of Download Youth Ministry University! Find out more about this incredible tool for your interns and volunteers from DYM. #trainyourteam