My husband Alex and I made a hard decision this year. We decided to leave the Bay Area and head to his home state of Idaho. When we were praying through all of this and felt this was the right decision, COVID-19 was not part of the plan. Like many, I was searching for a new job in the middle of a pandemic. I truly had no idea what to expect, I desperately wanted it to be like the old days where I could show off my firm handshake, and my carefully picked out outfits. However, what it really looked like was awkward zoom calls, regular phone calls, and meetings from 6ft apart and masked up. 

Searching for a job during a pandemic is no joke. So many churches are on hiring freezes, have seen declines in giving, or just not even sure of what they need right now. 

If you are in a season of waiting and seeking, you are not alone. During my time, I truly questioned if I was even supposed to be in ministry anymore. I felt lost, I felt confused, I felt like everything around me was slowly falling apart, but what kept me pushing forward was seeking advice from trusted friends, and staying close to the Lord truly asking for doors to be open. 

Don’t give up. If you are in the middle of this right now, try and see what God is doing. Maybe it’s trying something new out, experiencing a different type of job or role, whether that’s in the church or not. Even in the midst of a pandemic God is still in control and working. He will never stop fighting for you. 

Middle School MinistryMichelle is a Middle School Director in Boise, Idaho where she and her husband spend way too much money on coffee and rent. She possesses the ability to kill every plant that comes into her home.

She’s one of the hosts of the Middle School Ministry Podcast. Listen here!