In all my years of youth ministry, I have tried all types of methods and technologies to deliver important training to my volunteers.

Well-trained leaders have always been crucial to my ministry, and it’s always been a tension to get them the training they need. Trained leaders are better leaders.

Which is why I’m THRILLED to unveil this brand-new training tool from Download Youth Ministry:


We have created the training. 10-minute on-demand video sessions taught by some of the leading voices in Youth Ministry… Reggie Joiner, Katie Edwards, Heather Flies, Chap Clark, Walt Mueller, the list is pretty impressive and it’s growing every week. Also, Josh Griffin and myself teach several of the courses.

There are some really good courses for you and your leaders. All you need to do is choose the training that’s right for you and/or identify the best next step for each of your leaders.

We’ve made it SUPER EASY for you to SHARE these trainings with your leaders. Now, they can get the training they need and access it anywhere there is internet on their device of choice. So simple.

We’ve also created a church-wide license so you can train ALL of your leaders with this one turn-key tool.
DYMU was created to make your job a little easier while making your leaders a lot stronger. Just add Wifi and DYMU will help you move your leaders from rookies to pros.

We’d love for you to try it for FREE with “Understanding Relational Ministry.”

DYM U Free Session