Whether it is the “sloppy wet kiss” version or the “unforeseen kiss” version, many of us are familiar with John Mark McMillan’s song, “How He Loves. ” Not many of us, however, are familiar with why the song was written or the real gravity of it. The video “How He Loves: A Story” is a mini documentary about the story behind the song. John tells a powerful story about his best friend dying in a car accident and what he learned about God and His love through it.

I have been talking about this video a lot with students. I love the way that he talks about us interacting with God loving us the midst of our brokenness, in the midst of our sadness, and in the midst of our resentment. I believe that it really brings home the point of what lamenting is and how God is there with us in those rock bottom, all is lost moments.

Thought you guys might find it interesting…

How He Loves : A Song Story from john mark mcmillan on Vimeo.