We have a wonderful group of people who attend our youth groups every single week! They have a ton of energy, a ton of energy, and a ton of potential! They get super passionate about projects and things that are bigger than they are!

Guess who they are?

That’s right! Students!

Can you get students serving? Absolutely!

Serve their youth group

As a youth pastor, you have the first chance to give students a chance to serve. Figure out a job they can do within the youth group!

Anything that happens at youth group is something a student can do!

Think of the opportunities they have:

  • Play in the band
  • Pray for the service
  • Make announcements
  • Lead games
  • Use the computer
  • Teach the group
  • Write cards
  • Plan series
  • Everything!

Serve their church

Students also can serve in your church! I understand you aren’t in charge of every area of your church. Or maybe you are! Hey, “other duties as assigned” right?

Are there jobs your students can do in your church?

  • Serve communion
  • Help with the lyrics on Sunday
  • Mow the lawn
  • Serve coffee
  • Help with kids
  • Helps with adults
  • Hold doors
  • Help lead worship
  • Plan community events

Serve their community

And can students help your church serve the community? Absolutely!

  • Serve in a food kitchen
  • Visit retirement homes
  • Repaint the school gym
  • Volunteer at the homeless shelter
  • Rake leaves for widows

Basically, students can do it all! What they need is some adults to trust them and pour into them and give them an opportunity to serve.

You can lead the charge here!

We see over and over again that the more students serve, the more connected they are to their church and the more likely they are to stay with church when they’re in college and beyond!

How can students serve the youth group, the church, and the community?