We know full-well how important volunteers are to our ministries. These leaders are how we multiply ourselves so each student has a caring adult in his or her life. These are the people who show up early and leave late, who are willing to take a pie in the face for the team, who know students’ stories and are on a first-name basis with parents.

At least, that’s the dream…

Recruiting and training new leaders, helping them catch the ministry vision, equipping them to lead small group, camp cabins, and ministry teams…all the while caring for, supporting, encouraging and inspiring them to show up and keep showing up (especially during that seemingly never-ending period between spring break and summer) — it’s all easier said than done.

We get it.

Let us help you create a volunteer culture that’s as legendary as you are!

Along with our Leader Training Library and DYM University, we’ve gathered up some of our downloadable resources, blog posts, and podcast episodes to help you win with volunteers.

Build A Vision

Build Your Team

Train Your Team

Equip Your Team

Blog posts to help you with all things volunteers…

We combed through our blog to find the posts we thought would be most helpful.

Podcasts to help you with all things volunteers…

We combed through the podcasts in our network to find the episodes that would be most helpful.

From The DYM Podcast:

From Youth Ministry Hacks:

From 15 Minutes with Frank:

Videos to Help Train Your Leaders…

In this video from DYM’s Leader Training Library, learn from Karl Romeus about how to help your leaders “set the temperature” of the room so students have a personal encounter with Jesus.

Be on the lookout for more Help Me With posts in the future!