This video is one we have made because we did a big ol’ incentive campaign for our first ever Youth Winter Conference. The idea came because since we have never done this event before and we had no pictures, no video, no context in order to promote it. So we thought in order to help students understand how series we believed in this event, we came up with incentives for when a certain amount would sign up, our team would do something in return.

I got the idea from Frank Gil when he talked about how he got 80% of his group to sign up for camp on day one (listen HERE). Well, we had way more sign up than we had thought and I don’t know if it was because of the incentives or not but either way it was fun to come up with and almost as fun to do.

Our incentives went as follows:

  1. We would choose 10 VIPS who got to bring a friend out of the first 100 that signed up. They got special treatment for the 3-day event.
  2. We would eat hot peppers and film it. See the above video.
  3. One of our youth leads had a great mustache so he would dye it blue.
  4. The male youth leads would wax their armpits. Video to come.
  5. I would get a tattoo. I chose 4 images that were fun, and we let students choose which one I would get.

I love it. It’s been super fun to have this interaction with our students and it’s even better because of most of this doubles as great content for our youtube channel.

More videos to come.