On a previous episode of the More Than Dodgeball Show a while back (the Pilot Episode, by the way) we played a silly game called Put It On a Cracker where you have to guess what 3 things are on a cracker while being blindfolded. It’s a VERY hilarious intimidating game, and way more difficult than you may think, too! You can see us painfully playing it on this episode:

Well this week in our Junior High ministry we brought back the game and made it a bit more accessible. Each cracker is divided into really 3 rounds, where you identify 1 topping, then that 1 + another, then those 2 + another. So your tastebuds aren’t SO overwhelmed in one bite. It makes the game a bit longer but also makes it more fun and not just super gross. The students LOVED it, I was amazed at how they liked the reactions and laughed. It was a total hit …

So maybe it’ll be a hit in your youth group, too! We thought we would just give it away FREE on Download Youth Ministry – grab it right here!