I often say, “I came to Download Youth Ministry for the resources. I stayed for the community.”

When I jumped into  DYM as a member and author, I was immediately aware of the dynamic duo of Timothy Miller and Andrew Larsen and their amazing teaching resources. At DYM100 in 2016 we decided to meet up for a lunch right before the conference started (along with another power-author, Ken Leslie). Honestly, I think we were all a little reluctant since we could kind of consider each other “the competition.”

Instead of an awkward lunch, we discovered a deep connection that included large families and a love for Disney World. What has unfolded is a friendship that has spread to our spouses and kids, allowing some epic “party of 19” Disney World rendezvous, much like the one we had this past week while I was on a much needed family vacation.

I share all that to say, DYM can be so much more than a resource site. It is also much more than a Facebook group to get youth group movie night recommendations and spout off hot takes.

Consider taking the next step to deeper connection and community.

Who is that youth worker you have met on the Facebook group or used their resources? It’s time to connect with them. Set up the FaceTime/Zoom or take the drive to meet halfway for lunch.

… and Ken, I’m still looking forward to that magical moment when all four of our families gather at Magic Kingdom take over an entire Big Thunder Mountain Railroad car.

Derry is a Disney World enthusiast in full-on mid-life crisis mode. He is a student pastor, husband, father, DYM Author and Podcast host.