In DYM Games 1.6 we’ve introduced a brand new feature that you’ve been asking for — the ability to add in your own title graphics. Now “Boxes” doesn’t have to be “Boxes”, but can be the “Random Picker of Students”. “Wheel of Destiny” can be “Spin that Wheel of Disgusting Drink Concoctions”. “Pixelate” can be “Kim Kardashian or Kim Jung Un”. “Trivia” can be “Four-Corners Sudden Death addition”. You decide!

To change a title graphic first you have to find or create a title graphic. You can use anything: Photoshop, Keynote, PowerPoint, images pulled from the internet, use your phone to take a picture, whatever! The important thing is that you need an image. Once you have that image, click on the “+” button next to the Title Graphic button inside any game. Add your image, Move it and scale it if you need to and you’re good to go. Now when you click on the Title Graphic button it will no longer show the name of the game (“Pixelate”), but show the graphic you put in there!

Watch this to see it in action!

There you go! Create a game of your own! And, maybe even submit it to the store!

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