Hey folks! Huge UPDATE to DYM Games just hit. In this version (1.3.0) we’re introducing Countdown Maker!

DYM Games is your new creative programming sidekick—allowing you to build and present engaging, reusable and customizable games that are ready in minutes and good for groups of all sizes (from 5 to 5,000!). All easily-operated from your computer.

Countdown Maker

A ridiculously easy, all-purpose Countdown Maker. With the new game you can:

– Add as many “timers” as you’d like.
– Timers can have custom background images!
– You can change the timer’s font, color, position, and more.
– Each timer can have a “Ready, Set, Go!” before it begins.
– Timers can end in three ways: Stop at zero, show “Times Up!”, or start counting back up in the negatives!

DYM Games also includes tons of performance enhancements and bug fixes! Thank you all for your helpful feedback – keep it coming!

To update, all you need to do it start up DYM Games with an internet connection. You’ll get a notification that says an update has been downloaded. Simply restart the app and you’ll have the new version!

If you haven’t already, check out DYM Games for yourself today with the free trial!