It’s a great question to ask in your ministry and about your leaders. If I was to come to visit your youth ministry one week and I was to walk around with your leaders and ask them:

What does it mean for you to be winning as a leader in your ministry?

What would they say? Would all the answers be the same? Would they all be different? Would they even know how to answer? Does it scare you to think about it?

No matter what kind of leader you are and what kind of leaders you have, everyone wants to know if they are winning or not. Everyone wants to know be able to track themselves to see how they are doing. Even if they don’t tell you that and they seem like they don’t care, leaders want to know how to win.

When leaders know what the wins are they are more likely to hit it.

The picture above is the wins for our leaders.

  1. A conversation about Jesus – All leaders are small group leaders. Did they have a conversation about Jesus? If they did. It’s a win.
  2. Follow up – When a new student came and was placed into their small group, did they follow up before the next service? Did they follow up with a conversation they had in the group with a student? That’s a win.
  3. Wednesday + – Did you interact in some way outside of Wednesday night throughout the week? That’s a win.

We don’t need a ton of wins, but some that are important for you and your ministry to move forward. Some things to keep in mind when setting wins for your leaders:

  • Simple, clear, concise goals. They need to be memorable. 
  • 1-4 most important goals. 
  • Communicate with them every single week in some way, shape or form. 
  • Follow up in one-on-ones if leaders are not meeting them. It’s a great way of accountability. 
  • This is how you upkeep your leader culture. You are the keeper of your culture.

So what are your wins? Do your leaders know them? If so, awesome! If not, I think it’s something you should gather your leaders in this season and have a good set of “wins” for your leaders to have in the new year.