It’s Cyber Monday! That might mean you’ve spent all day shopping and finding just the best deals all over the internet!

Can we suggest some of these for you to think over as well?

Gorilla Glue!

Let’s be real. Your students are going to break something. Somewhere. Somehow. And it’ll be a great story to remember and talk about for years to come… after you put the Misses Higgins Memorial Pew back together.

Buy some glue.

No one needs to ever know.

USB Charging Station!

Your students have been on their phones all day at school. We know it. The teacher knows it. Everyone knows it. So when they get to youth group, they’re going to need to charge those phones for sure! Why not give them a spot to charge their phones in the youth room? Also, as an added bonus, they’ll either all congregate in the same spot for community (win!) or they’ll all have to talk to actual humans because their phones are all charging (also a win!).

Shure Podcast Microphone

Have you started your podcast yet? The lockdown may be over, but there’s still time to make a podcast and talk about whatever you want to with your spouse, your friends, your students, the janitor who helps clean up the church after youth group. Now those would be some fun stories!

Start your podcast now!

Everyone else has one.

Why not you?

Massage Gun

Youth group dodgeball got you hurting? That all night walk-a-thon seeming like a less than stellar idea after you woke up the next day? Chasing after students who ran away once you caught them sneaking off during worship?

Get a massage gun. Not only will it help relieve tired muscles, you can pretend it’s a laser gun. Win-win.

Emergency Survival Kit and First Aid Kit

How much explanation does this one need? You’re a youth pastor. Just make sure the students don’t find the knife. Or the hammer. Or the axe. Or the rope…

Winter Down Jacket with Faux Fur Trim Hood

Honestly, this just seems like a really nice jacket to take on your winter retreat. I don’t think it will serve much as a tool for youth ministry. But it might.

Ten Ways to Treat Yourself. You deserve to treat yourself. Whether… | by  :betr | betr | Medium


Instant Snow XL Pack

I don’t know. Does this seem irresponsible? Maybe to somebody. Somebody ELSE! This is a bucket of magic that makes FIVE GALLONS of fake snow. What are you going to do with fake snow?

I don’t know but the description says it lasts for DAYS! That seems both extremely epic and super problematic. But who knows, it might make a great story for your janitor/youth pastor podcast!


Have you found any great things to use for you or your youth ministry? Let us know!