Ever walked out of a meeting or interaction with someone and you have the look of the “stank face”? You know that look. It’s that look of you just smelt something foul or just tasted something nasty. I’m sure we have all been around people who have the non-humble stench. It’s very noticeable. Same is true when you get to experience the opposite. When you get to experience someone who is humble and genuinely¬†interested in what you are doing and cares about how they can help you… it’s refreshing.

My executive pastor is the latter. Every time you walk out of a meeting with him, you believe he cares and you feel that way because he does. How do I know? Because he asks the same questions everytime we meet. It’s something I have been learning great, humble leaders ask.

The definition he wrote out for a humble leader for our staff is:

“I will be fully engaged with all who come across my path, not thinking more highly of myself than I ought to. I will be open to constructive feedback, listen fully and seek out better ideas. I will ask how can I help? How can I hope? How can I honor?”

The 3 questions:

How can I help?

How can I hope?

How can I honor?

If we all begin to ask these questions in every meeting we have with staff, volunteers, students, we can make sure no one walks away with a “stank face” from meeting with us and have us work on being a more humble leader.