In this insightful vlog from Texas youth pastor and DYM Author Nick Clason, we hear three hacks to running your student ministry social media.  Here’s a quick overview of what he covers, but watch for a deeper dive into each of these points:

  1. Do Not Turn it Into a Billboard. Ask yourself why you personally get on social media.
  2. Use It for Engagement: This is where your students are, so look for ways to create interactions with students.
  3. Be Consistent: It can be hard, so be sure to go to DYM to get the resources to help you fill out your schedule.
BONUS: Short-form video on social media (TikTok, Instagram and Facebook Reels) is king for students right now. Find ways to use them.
Nick Clason
Husband, Father and Youth Pastor. Colts, Thunder and Badgers fan. (Pray for me) Disney World enthusiast. (Pray for my bank account)
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