Found this nice article in The Herald about churches still making a difference in the hurricane areas of the US. Here’s a particular clip about a youth pastor’s committment to the effort:

It is taking much more than a year to repair that kind of damage.

Many businesses are not back to operating, Sosebee said. “Homes are the greatest need. Probably 30 percent of the homes have been repaired. But that still leaves 70 percent.”

Sosebee’s outlook is it will be at least three or four years to get back to the areas back to how they were.

Johnny Caruso, youth pastor at First Baptist Church in Fort Mill, has been to southern Mississippi three times since last year.

He said stores are open, but usually not for very extended hours because they don’t have enough workers. He’s noticed many people have moved away. The first mile from the coast was so severely demolished that it had to be leveled. The houses that are there are being worked on, and trailers are housing families in the yards.

Caruso and another 30 church members will go back to Mississippi in three weeks. Last time he was there, seven families they helped were back in their homes. He hopes there will be a significant amount more back in homes on this next trip. What’s even harder for them is that extended families are living together as they rebuild their individual homes.