WELCOME to the 2019 Youth Pastor Diet 100-day Challenge 

This fun, community-building contest has the potential to change your life.

Bold statement!

We know! But, because of last year’s contest, we know that many actually point to the Youth Pastor Diet as being the motivation they needed to get their life back on track.

You don’t have to be a youth pastor to join us… that’s just our target audience (the ones we know the best and love the most). Anyone (spouse, friend, sibling, neighbor, etc. …) can participate. It’s just a lot more fun doing this with people you see on a regular basis! The more the merrier… and you’ll never be alone because there’s 1000 others who are part of this current contest.



The major skinny … what you need to know to get started

  1. Sign-up NOW by paying $30 (it’s your “skin-in-the-game” fee).
  2. Invite others to join you… the more “in your world” the easier this will be and the more fun you’ll have.
  3. Once registered, login to the Youth Pastor Diet official website (it goes live 1/1/19) and record your beginning weight. Then, record a new weight every week—it’s so simple.

Once you’ve registered:

  • Join one of the private Facebook Groups (one for males & one for females) for motivation, tips, workout ideas, recipes, etc… For many, this private group is their highlight—it’s an amazing group of help, confession, struggle, empathy, and fun. (Details of how to join this group will be in your confirmation email after you register.)
  • Download some sample recipes put together by some of last years’ biggest losers (on the Downloads page of the YPD website)

There is no official “diet plan” so you’re free to use whatever method you so choose to be healthy/lose weight. The best way, and most effective long-term, is to try to eat healthy, exercise regularly, and stay motivated through the entire 100 days. There are many great ideas and options presented within the private Facebook group.

  • Gain access to a 6-month online calisthenics program (normally $60). See more details under “prizes” (below).
  • You’ll have a chance at winning weekly prizes (i.e. cash, gift cards, prizes, etc…) just for being registered (even if you gain weight). EVERYONE gets a chance at the weekly prizes.
  • You’ll also have a chance to win two amazing, all-expense paid trips—one to the Caribbean and one to Hawaii.
  • You’ll also get 50% of your money back in DYM Store Credit (at the end of the contest IF you provide a weekly weight—basically if you participate till the end).
  • Do your best… engage with community… have fun… and celebrate the top 3 winners in each male/female category and watch them win $1500, $1000, and $750 (see prizes below for more details)


How to participate if you are competing to win the Grand Cash Prizes

    1. Record your beginning weight on whatever day you begin the youth pastor diet and log it into your dashboard. For the most accurate results, it’s best to do it the same time (usually best right after waking-up), on the same day (i.e. Monday), and on the same scale. You can join at any time, but the contest ends April 11, 2019.
  1. To be eligible for the cash prizes (at the end of the contest) you must be able to show proof of your dramatic weight-loss–beyond just the weight numbers you enter into the website. You’ll also need to validate with:

(a) before and after photos. Take a picture of yourself in your bathing suit on Day 1, Day 30ish, Day 60ish, and your final day (April 11). The photo may be used in case of a tie (or suspicion :)). We won’t make your photos public without permission.

(b) record your measurements. PLEASE record some measurements so you can see progress even if the scale isn’t showing it. Measurements may come into play based on a tie-breaker. Find the widest part of your stomach and hips and take both measurements. Pull the tape measure snug (not tight) and record your exact inches (up to 1/16). Keep those numbers in your exercise and/or food journal. For more specific measuring instructions go to: https://www.wikihow.com/Calculate-Body-Fat-With-a-Tape-Measure

  1. No surgery/medical procedures of any kind (to lose weight) are allowed during the 100-day contest. We’re fine with you fixing an ingrown toenail, mole removal or finally dealing with that small goiter, but nothing weight-related. If you are pregnant, record your weight afterbirth and start the competition on that day! Unfortunately, you can’t count the 9lb 4oz baby as part of your weight loss. But still… congratulations from the both of us.
  1. The overall weight-loss winners are based on total percentage lost over the 100 days, not total pounds lost. In the event of a tie/close finish we may ask for verification with before/after photos and pictures of the scale. As always, any photos submitted will never be made public without your permission. Your actual weight will always remain private. You can choose to disclose as much or a little as you would like about your journey in the Facebook groups, but the leaderboard will simply show the percentage lost.


GRAND PRIZES: male AND female winners will receive:

  • 1st place $1,500 cash
  • 2nd place $1,000 cash
  • 3rd place $750 cash

That’s a LOT of dough up for grabs! It’s worth playing for because of the cash and huge bragging rights. FYI: last years’ top prize was $500.

TRAVEL PRIZES: (this will be based on participation and in-game contests… not on most weight lost)

  • A Caribbean trip for two ($2,500 value)
  • A Hawaii trip for two ($2,500 value)

WEEKLY RANDOM PRIZES: Thanks to DYM’s very generous volunteer CFO (Fadi) we will randomly choose winners on a weekly basis. Tune in on Facebook as Doug & Josh use DYM’s Sidekick App (www.sidekick.tv) to pick-out names on a weekly basis (no weight-loss required—you can win just by being registered). We’ll have Amazon Prime send you fun stuff to help you stay encouraged and motivated (i.e. bluetooth bathroom scale, a 10-pack of Slim Fast™ shakes, exercise equipment, or gift cards). The prizes will range from silly to motivating to downright incredible. Be sure to watch the video in the Facebook groups each week for the winners!

PARTICIPATION TROPHIES: OK, no actual trophies will be engraved or delivered, but in true millennial spirit, EVERYONE wins if you complete the challenge just by recording your weight every week! If you participate until the end, you’ll receive $15 in DYM store credit.

FOR THE WIN FITNESS FREEMEMBERSHIP (6 months): Congratulations! You now also have access to a fitness course you can use (totally optional, but you may need direction for exercise). This FREE 6-month all-access membership to FTW Fitness – a digital calisthenics training program designed to help people build strength, shred fat, and get fit. Calisthenics is bodyweight-based training that requires little to no equipment and no expensive gym memberships. The program is available on both desktop and mobile devices – accessible anytime, anywhere. FTW Fitness was developed by Jon Stem, who is a full-time youth pastor (and American Ninja Warrior competitor) himself with first-hand knowledge of how difficult fitness can be when you’re surrounded by seemingly endless supplies of pizza, energy drinks, and fast food! Many of us in youth ministry are extremely busy. Whether you’re full-time, volunteer, or bi-vocational, it can be difficult to make it to the gym. The beauty of bodyweight training with calisthenics is that it can be done at home, in the office, or even backstage before your youth service kicks off! With programs from foundations through advanced, FTW Fitness works for all fitness levels. The heart behind this resource is to provide you with the tools and techniques needed to help you as you take your fitness journey to the next level!”

The link for this program will be located in “Downloads” after you’re able to login to YouthPastorDiet.com on 1/1/19.

OK … that’s it for now. And that’s a lot! Let’s get healthier in 2019!

Doug Fields & Josh Griffin
Co-founders of DYM as well as participants in YouthPastorDiet.com
[email protected]

Any questions? Leave them in the comments below and we’ll build out the FAQ located here.

Didn’t register yet? GO REGISTER NOW!!


1/1/19 UPDATE: Please watch the video to see how amazing the website is going to be. We tried to go BIG! We wanted to give users a better experience than last year so we built our own website. It works… for us! (See videocast). It will work for you, too! Thanks for your grace as we fix this bug. Please don’t worry. It will capture your weight. Just make sure that you write down your weight somewhere. Both of us have already weighed-in, taken measurements, taken photos (gross), and exercised. Stay positive … we’ll have the bug fixed soon and you’ll be able to record your beginning weight in no time. Again, thanks for your grace and patience. We’ll throw in some extra prizes as a way of saying thanks!