And God said, “Let the land produce living creatures according to their kinds (Genesis 1:24)

Seems like a pretty simple verse right? Right. There is so much truth this simple verse. Humans produce humans. Cats produce cats. Dogs produce dogs. So on and so on. Right? Right.

What you are as a leader, you will produce the same types of leaders in your group. The fact of the matter is we will only be able to produce what we are and many times we really want to produce what we like. The only problem with this is if we are seeing something lacking within the group we as leaders want to see growth in, those are usually exactly the things we as leaders need to personally grow in as well. If you are a high energy leader, you are going to produce high energy leaders. If you feel your group is lacking in prayer, you yourself are probably lacking in prayer.

It’s not a fun thing to realize when it sneaks up on you. Just the other night I was thinking about how uncompassionate my group is when it comes to some people sharing about real struggles in their lives. I just couldn’t get over how they could just breeze over something so huge happening in one of their friends’ lives. Then that night at dinner, my wife and I were out with some friends and they dropped a bomb on us and my first thought after they told us was, “Man, I wish our food would hurry up, I’m starving.” I swear the Holy Spirit whispered to me saying, “I wonder where your guys get it from.” Dang it.

My advice? Take some time this week and be in prayer for God to reveal to you where you are lacking in your own life as a leader so you can be able to produce leaders the way you really want to produce leaders. Start to be the leader you want to see in those you lead.